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Giuliano's 05

The Original Giuliano's Delicatessen in Gardena

Locally popular Italian deli, bakery in Gardena It's a long-established Italian food store from 1952, quietly located on like a small shopping street along Gardena Blvd, which you can enter from Normandie Ave. It's a very small, but popular shop that locals often go to. Unfortunately, it is not a place near from sightseeing spots, but if you have a chance to go nearby, please do because you can enjoy the mysterious atmosphere that would appear in movies. Italian sweets are lined up in a row. Although it is California here, you can buy Italian souvenirs. There are so many ...

Porto's Bakery and Cafe12

Porto's Bakery and Cafe-Buena Park

Cuban Cafe, one of the largest bakeries in LA Porto's Bakery is a famous Cuban café on Beach Blvd, near from Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park. Founded by a Cuban immigrant family, the store has expanded and succeeded by striving to reduce prices and attracting customers. When you go out to the park, why not take a look. The fourth store, which opened in March 2018, is probably Porto's Bakery and Cafe's largest store. This is the size that you will never imagine as one store! There are three order counters, including a cafe, and it is said that ...

WholeFoods 01

Whole Foods Market-Torrance

A famous supermarket specializing in organic products It is a famous supermarket specializing in the sale of organic foods, which has become a hot topic due to the launch of a home delivery service in partnership with Amazon! Many stores, like the one in Rolling Hills Plaza along the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) here in South Bay, boast very large grounds. There is the fulfillment of the deli that stands out especially in the center of the store.(The deli is served by the store clerk as of 2021, Feb)   The deli, where you can choose what you like by ...

Stumptown 02

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

A spot where you can enjoy a healing space and the best coffee Everybody admit it is delicious coffee. Located on the outskirts of the Downtown Arts District, the store is amazed by its generously beautiful construction and ceiling height. Stumptown is a coffee roast retailer based in Portland, Oregon, and has won numerous awards, including the 2006 Roaster of the Year. Owned by Peet's Coffee in 2015, there is only this store in LA, but there are several other stores in major cities such as NY. Opened in 2013, the 7,000-square-foot store has a huge back area for wholesale, ...

DiddyRiese 02

Diddy Riese

2021/02/25   -Cafe and others, Shopping
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American cookie with great deal! Diddy Riese is A well-known cookie shop in Westwood Village that has been in business for over 30 years and you can say all UCLA students know. The secret of the long line all the time is its deliciousness with affordable price. There are 10 kinds of cookies for 50 cents each, furthermore, if you buy it for a dozen, it will get a discount of $ 4.50, so many people buy a lot. The owner, Mark Perry, has never franchised the store, so the store is only here with always offering freshly baked cookies. ...


Soap Plant + WACKO/ La Luz de Jesus Gallery

Great goods for souvenirs! An exciting pop toy store At the intersection of Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Blvd, there is a flashy building that stands out, but there is no doubt to say that it's actually LA's most famous toy store. Soap Plant opened in 1971 as a family-owned handmade soap shop in Los Feliz, then moved to the place on Melrose Ave and the founder's son, Billy Shire, founded La Luz de Jesus Gallery on the second floor of the shop. After opening WACKO as a pop culture toy store in Los Feliz, where it was founded, Soap Plant ...

Starbucks Reserve

Third Wave Coffee shop, Rapidly Expanding Luxury Starbucks Have you ever seen a Starbucks store in LA that looks a little different from the usual green signboard and has a fashionable wooden appearance? This store, which is marked by the "R" sign, is actually like a premium Starbucks. Starbucks is now investing in to expand its premium brand, Reserve, with 1,000 new coffee bars across the U.S. since 2017 to compete with luxury coffee brands like Blue Bottle and Intelligentsia. Starting with the headquarter in Seattle, there are a total of 3 stores in LA, including this Los Feliz store, ...



With simple displays of cardboard boxes, a economical German supermarket opens in South Bay It's hard to see the stores because there are more in the suburbs than in the center of Los Angeles, but it's finally open in Gardena, the South Bay area! A major German supermarket offers a variety of daily products as well as groceries at discounted prices. The Gardena store isn't that big, but there are plenty of sweets and seasonings that are perfect for souvenirs! ALDI is a common brand of two German supermarket chains with more than 10,000 stores in 20 countries. In 1960, ...


Amazon Locker/Drop off Returns

2021/02/23   -LA Style, Shopping

You can use it at your travel destination! Various services offered by Amazon Did you know that Whole Foods, a major American supermarket, has something like lockers? This system called Amazon Locker is a home delivery service provided by online retailer, Amazon, to people who do not have a specific address, but it is also available to tourists! The program is designed to help customers to avoid missing mail deliveries and theft, launched in September 2011 in New York, Seattle, and London, and is now affiliated with retailers such as 7-Eleven. It is an epoch-making mechanism for retailers to receive ...


SKECHERS Factory Outlet

Let's go to the stores that are not in the mall! Skechers Outlet Store Whenever you go to a large outlet shopping mall, there is an outlet store called Sketchers Factory Outlet, but you can also see one alone outside the mall. If you see it near you, please stop by! In fact, there are more great deals than the stores in the mall. Headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, founded in 1992, Skechers USA Inc. is now the third largest sports shoe brand in the United States. There are several stores in Japan, but the locals have good deals, which ...



2021/02/21   -Shopping

A treasure trove of souvenirs! Popular goods shop not yet landed in Japan Anthropologie, a popular shop among American celebrities that currently boasts over 200 stores around the world, has not yet landed in Japan! Despite the reasonable price range, they have a lineup that is ideal for gifts, such as casual and sophisticated clothes, jewelry, and miscellaneous goods. Actually, it's a sister store of Urban Outfitters, which is also famous in the United States, but it looks like a little more for adult users. Tableware and miscellaneous goods are also sold at department stores such as NORDSTROM, but independent ...


Intelligentsia Coffee Hollywood Coffeebar

Third wave cafes are coming up one after another! Check out the new Hollywood At the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Wilcox Ave, there is a famous mural that appears in the movie "LA LA LAND", but when you go there, you will notice that it is a surprisingly quiet place. However, recently, new cafes have begun to appear one after another in this area. Intelligentsia Coffee is an American coffee roasting company based in Chicago, Illinois, which was acquired by Peet's Coffee & Tea in 2015 and is now part of it. The Silver Lake store was opened in ...

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