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American Apparel 01

American Apparel-ROW DTLA/Smorgasburg

Downtown Giant Development Project, ROW DTLA You may be familiar with the sudden appearance of buildings in downtown Alameda St and 7th, east of the Fashion District. This is the head office factory of American Apparel, but not only its size, but also the power of the hieroglyphic graffiti recently drawn by graffiti artist RETNA is overwhelming. It was the largest clothing factory in the United States that consistently manufactures domestically, but it is currently closed due to business deterioration. However, it is planned to revive this area as a shopping & restaurant mall, ROW DTLA. Most of it is ...

Millennium Biltmore 02

Millennium Biltmore Hotel

A historic hotel where the early Academy Awards were held The Millennium Biltmore Hotel, famous for hosting the Early Academy Awards, is located on Olive St. and 5th, close to the Grand Central Market and more, so it's a good idea to stop by alongside other spots. It is also a round mark of LA, made based on heavy marble with frescoes and murals, used in movie shooting locations. There is also a tea lounge at the entrance of this huge atrium, which is very quiet, so it might be a good idea to take a break there. If you ...

Last bookstore 04

The Last Bookstore

It's like a book theme park, a huge independent bookstore Founded by Josh Spencer in 2005, it seems that books were mainly sold online at the time, but then a bookstore opened in 2011 and moved to what is now Fifth Avenue and the Spring Arts Tower. It is within walking distance from the Grand Central Market, so please take a look. With the unique name of the bookstore, over 250,000 old and new books, and tens of thousands of records, the bookstore is now one of the largest independent bookstores in a double-decker 22,000-square-foot space. The counter is also ...

Stumptown 02

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

A spot where you can enjoy a healing space and the best coffee Everybody admit it is delicious coffee. Located on the outskirts of the Downtown Arts District, the store is amazed by its generously beautiful construction and ceiling height. Stumptown is a coffee roast retailer based in Portland, Oregon, and has won numerous awards, including the 2006 Roaster of the Year. Owned by Peet's Coffee in 2015, there is only this store in LA, but there are several other stores in major cities such as NY. Opened in 2013, the 7,000-square-foot store has a huge back area for wholesale, ...

NoMad hotel 09

The NoMad Hotel Los Angeles

2021/02/25   -Down Town
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NoMad Hotel finally landed in LA! Located on the corner of 7th St. and Olive St., Giannini Place is a historic building built by Bank of America pioneer Amadeo Giannini in the 1920s as the Los Angeles headquarters of the Bank of Italy. After that, it was acquired by Sydney Group, which is known for its unique hotel management, and was renovated into NoMad Hotel Los Angeles from 2015 to 2017, following the NoMad Hotel in the NoMad area [North of Madison Square Park] in NY, which is the brand of the group. Designed by Los Angeles architects Morgan, Walls ...

Pie Hole 03

The Pie Hole

American traditional taste! Popular handmade pie shop Opened here in the Downtown Arts District in 2011 as a family-owned pie shop, the Pie Hole has partnered with Newport Beach franchise company Francsmart to rapidly expand into LA, OC, North Carolina, and Tokyo. It's an American classic menu pie, but the atmosphere of the cafe creates a new style for some reason. Besides pies, there are also cornbread pies, salads and quiches that are perfect for breakfast. American creamy pies are also lined up! Of course, you can order pies from 1 slice! The interior is modern, but the sturdy wooden ...

Bestia 22


Strategy needed for Bestia, a famous Italian restaurant where reservations cannot be made! Although it is a trendy restaurant, Bestia, which has been endorsed by famous food critic Jonathan Gold and various media, it is a tough place for travelers because the reservations are full until the next month, but don't worry! If you want to eat with 2-3 people, why not take a counter seat. You can enjoy not only drinks but also regular menus there. Since it is open for dinner only, it might be a good idea that you go there a little before the opening, at ...

UrbanOutfitters 07

Rialto Theatre-Urban Outfitters

2021/02/22   -Down Town, LA Sightseeing

Revived Rialto Theater, Urban Outfitters The two-story Rialto Theater in downtown opened in 1917 and was one of Broadway Street's favorite spots until it closed in 1987. In 1989, it was designated to one of the City of Los Angeles historical and cultural monument (different from the Rialto Theater in Pasadina). Over the last few years, downtown historic buildings have been refurbished one after another and the streets are reviving. In 2013 Urban Outfitters refurbished and opened the theater! Unfortunately, there aren't many remnants of those days, but you can enjoy the original parts such as the retro and pop ...


United Artists Theatre-Ace Hotel Los Angeles

United Artists' flagship theater tells the history of Broadway street Founded in Seattle in 1999, Ace Hotel is a hotel chain headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with hotels operating primarily in the United States. Here Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles is a 243 ft (74 m) 13-story high-rise hotel and theater building on Broadway ST, formerly known as the United Artists Building and later known as the Texasco Building. It was the tallest building in the city for a year since it was completed in 1927. The style is Gothic with the motif of Segovia Cathedral in Segovia, Spain. Let's ...

Faith and Flower03


A restaurant with a 1900s motif, where you can enjoy an elegant mood Faith and Flower, a restaurant in WaterMark Tower, downtown, opened in 2014, uses vintage doors from the early 1900s as the front door, and its interior designed by AvroKO Design has some castle-like luxury. You may hesitate to enter the restaurant because it looks like a luxurious restaurant at first glance, but don't worry! Supper is a little expensive, but for lunch, they have a very casual American style menu. It is located on the corner of Flower St and 9th, in the downtown development area, where ...

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