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Kincaid's Fish, Chop & Steak House

Classic restaurant in the best location of Redondo Beach At the very best of Redondo Beach, Kincaid may be the perfect restaurant to entertain your friends This restaurant is located at the tip of the pier at Redondo Beach, and boasts spacious audience seats, including the full bar. In addition to classic American seafood, the menu includes a variety of New England clam chowder and steak choices, especially brunch for around $ 20 and light menus that you can easily enjoy. There is no doubt that this view is the most valuable. It is relatively vacant on weekdays when it ...

RockAndBrews 12

Rock and Brews

Rocking restaurant by members of rock band "Kiss" Rock & Brews is a restaurant chain mainly in Los Angeles, opening its first store in El Segundo, LA in 2012 by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS. The restaurant is loved by the locals, like a live house that entertains rock fans, and has a bar as well as a family-friendly element. Let us introduce the Redondo Beach store this time! It is fun just by looking inside the building, so it's perfect for a casual lunch. Rock T-shirts are in front of you when you enter the entrance! It ...

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