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Monkish Brewing Co.

A popular spot where you can drink local beer, people line up on weekends This is a hideaway brewery in the heart of Torrance, not a tourist destination, but behind the corner of Western Avenue and Torrance Boulevard, with only a simple tasting room, it's really crowded every day.(2019) IPA (India Pale Ale) is the center of craft beer in American breweries nowadays, and many breweries are open in LA, including Monkish Brewing Co. Let's order a beer at the counter over the long line and then go inside... There are a lot of people in between the machines! There ...


Wayfarers Chapel

Glass-walled church, famous wedding spot by the sea,  Drive along the coast of Dr. Palos Verdes in South Bay and you'll find a very popular spot known as the "Glass Church", which sits quietly on a cliff. It's a spot with a spectacular view of the cliffs facing the Pacific Ocean, so it's also very popular for weddings! It is a monument to Emanuel Swedenborg(18th century scientist and theosopher), part of the Swedish Church in North America. Designed by Lloyd Wright (Son of Frank Lloyd Wright) in the late 1940s, the building features a geometric design similar to many of ...

Giuliano's 05

The Original Giuliano's Delicatessen in Gardena

Locally popular Italian deli, bakery in Gardena It's a long-established Italian food store from 1952, quietly located on like a small shopping street along Gardena Blvd, which you can enter from Normandie Ave. It's a very small, but popular shop that locals often go to. Unfortunately, it is not a place near from sightseeing spots, but if you have a chance to go nearby, please do because you can enjoy the mysterious atmosphere that would appear in movies. Italian sweets are lined up in a row. Although it is California here, you can buy Italian souvenirs. There are so many ...

WholeFoods 01

Whole Foods Market-Torrance

A famous supermarket specializing in organic products It is a famous supermarket specializing in the sale of organic foods, which has become a hot topic due to the launch of a home delivery service in partnership with Amazon! Many stores, like the one in Rolling Hills Plaza along the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) here in South Bay, boast very large grounds. There is the fulfillment of the deli that stands out especially in the center of the store.(The deli is served by the store clerk as of 2021, Feb)   The deli, where you can choose what you like by ...

Eatalian Cafe 12

Eatalian Cafe-Gardena

A huge Italian restaurant that looks like a warehouse in Gardena Eatalian Cafe is a huge Italian restaurant around the corner of Redondo Beach Blvd and South Broadway in Gardena. The parking lot in the back and the entrance looks like really industrial, so it blends perfectly into the middle of Gardena's industrial area. You may be worried if the location is really right here, but don't be hesitate to go inside! First of all, when you go inside, you will be surprised at its size and interior like a warehouse. The owner Antonio Pellini, who also has several stores in ...



With simple displays of cardboard boxes, a economical German supermarket opens in South Bay It's hard to see the stores because there are more in the suburbs than in the center of Los Angeles, but it's finally open in Gardena, the South Bay area! A major German supermarket offers a variety of daily products as well as groceries at discounted prices. The Gardena store isn't that big, but there are plenty of sweets and seasonings that are perfect for souvenirs! ALDI is a common brand of two German supermarket chains with more than 10,000 stores in 20 countries. In 1960, ...


SKECHERS Factory Outlet

Let's go to the stores that are not in the mall! Skechers Outlet Store Whenever you go to a large outlet shopping mall, there is an outlet store called Sketchers Factory Outlet, but you can also see one alone outside the mall. If you see it near you, please stop by! In fact, there are more great deals than the stores in the mall. Headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, founded in 1992, Skechers USA Inc. is now the third largest sports shoe brand in the United States. There are several stores in Japan, but the locals have good deals, which ...


HopSaint Brewing Company

South Bay's stylish craft beer brewer Many craft breweries have opened and gained popularity in LA in the last few years, but Hop Saint is a very well-balanced restaurant where not only beer but also food is delicious, so It is perfect for those who would like to spend more time to eat and drink rather than just stop by to grab something from a food truck.  Actually, there is a supermarket in the same mall, and it is a place where you can not think that there is a craft beer restaurant, but it has a surprisingly fashionable appearance. ...

AMC 01

AMC Theatres

A movie theater system that is truly American In the United States, there are movie theaters in shopping malls near the city where you live, so many people watch movies as if they were going out to the neighborhood. Of course, when a popular movie is released, the movie theater may fill up, so it is better to make an online reservation, but you need to pay an extra $ 1-2. Actually, depending on the time of day, you can often sit comfortably, so if you suddenly want to watch a movie, why don't you come visit us? AMC Theaters ...

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