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The Original Giuliano's Delicatessen in Gardena


Locally popular Italian deli, bakery in Gardena

It's a long-established Italian food store from 1952, quietly located on like a small shopping street along Gardena Blvd, which you can enter from Normandie Ave.

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It's a very small, but popular shop that locals often go to. Unfortunately, it is not a place near from sightseeing spots, but if you have a chance to go nearby, please do because you can enjoy the mysterious atmosphere that would appear in movies.

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Italian sweets are lined up in a row. Although it is California here, you can buy Italian souvenirs.

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There are so many types of Biscotti!

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There are many things that are easy to take home, such as wine and pasta, but the popularity is deli, and in addition to the ones packed in boxes already to go, there are also abundant menus that can be made by your order such as sandwiches.

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There are lots of fun things to see the big size of ham and cheese that you have never seen before. 

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The reusable bag here is only for $5, it's a perfect souvenir.

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There is plenty of depth, and it is a simple, fashionable design!

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There are many tables and chairs outside the store, so why not enjoy lunch outside?

The Original Giuliano's Delicatessen in Gardena

Mon-Fri  9AM-7PM

Sat  9AM-6PM

Sun  9AM-5PM

The Original Giuliano's Delicatessen in Gardena 1138 W Gardena Blvd, Gardena, CA 90247



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