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2021/02/24   -LA Style
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LA Locally popular donut shops! There are many local donut shops in LA. In terms of frequency, for example, there's always a donut available in the kitchen that someone brings to your company. Why don't you stop by a donut shop that is always in the corner of a small street. There are so many kinds and various shaped donuts. Many American donuts are similar to fluffy bread, and despite their size, you can easily eat two of them! Red Velvet Cake is often found in cupcakes. Originally it seemed to be reddish with beets, but now most of it ...

Starbucks Reserve

Third Wave Coffee shop, Rapidly Expanding Luxury Starbucks Have you ever seen a Starbucks store in LA that looks a little different from the usual green signboard and has a fashionable wooden appearance? This store, which is marked by the "R" sign, is actually like a premium Starbucks. Starbucks is now investing in to expand its premium brand, Reserve, with 1,000 new coffee bars across the U.S. since 2017 to compete with luxury coffee brands like Blue Bottle and Intelligentsia. Starting with the headquarter in Seattle, there are a total of 3 stores in LA, including this Los Feliz store, ...



With simple displays of cardboard boxes, a economical German supermarket opens in South Bay It's hard to see the stores because there are more in the suburbs than in the center of Los Angeles, but it's finally open in Gardena, the South Bay area! A major German supermarket offers a variety of daily products as well as groceries at discounted prices. The Gardena store isn't that big, but there are plenty of sweets and seasonings that are perfect for souvenirs! ALDI is a common brand of two German supermarket chains with more than 10,000 stores in 20 countries. In 1960, ...


Amazon Locker/Drop off Returns

2021/02/23   -LA Style, Shopping

You can use it at your travel destination! Various services offered by Amazon Did you know that Whole Foods, a major American supermarket, has something like lockers? This system called Amazon Locker is a home delivery service provided by online retailer, Amazon, to people who do not have a specific address, but it is also available to tourists! The program is designed to help customers to avoid missing mail deliveries and theft, launched in September 2011 in New York, Seattle, and London, and is now affiliated with retailers such as 7-Eleven. It is an epoch-making mechanism for retailers to receive ...

AMC 01

AMC Theatres

A movie theater system that is truly American In the United States, there are movie theaters in shopping malls near the city where you live, so many people watch movies as if they were going out to the neighborhood. Of course, when a popular movie is released, the movie theater may fill up, so it is better to make an online reservation, but you need to pay an extra $ 1-2. Actually, depending on the time of day, you can often sit comfortably, so if you suddenly want to watch a movie, why don't you come visit us? AMC Theaters ...

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