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Amazon Locker/Drop off Returns


You can use it at your travel destination! Various services offered by Amazon

Did you know that Whole Foods, a major American supermarket, has something like lockers? This system called Amazon Locker is a home delivery service provided by online retailer, Amazon, to people who do not have a specific address, but it is also available to tourists!


The program is designed to help customers to avoid missing mail deliveries and theft, launched in September 2011 in New York, Seattle, and London, and is now affiliated with retailers such as 7-Eleven. It is an epoch-making mechanism for retailers to receive subsidy from Amazon by providing it. Amazon customers select the locker location as their shipping address and receive a digital pickup code via email or text message. You can retrieve your order at that location within 3 days by entering the pickup code on the locker's touch screen.


* Please note some Amazon third-party distributors use other shipping services such as FedEx and UPS that require a signature, so they may not be able to ship to the locker or the locker may not be available to use when attempting delivery, in which case you will have to wait for the space to become available. For short stays, please be careful about the time it takes to receive your order!

This may greatly expand your purchasing choices during your stay!

Kohl's Drop off Returns


By the way, have you ever felt uneasy because you can't return a product immediately when you buy it on Amazon?

Kohl's, a major American department store, has teamed up with Amazon to launch a return program called Drop Off Returns. Kohl's select stores, now in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas, have pop-up stores that allow customers to shop on Amazon and return Amazon orders for free (2021). There is no doubt that this suddenly reduce the concern for returns!

* Please note returns are free, but will follow with Amazon guidelines. You need to check it out before going there.


Actually, this program seems to be quite successful for Kohl's, where have a space in the store where you can experience not only Amazon-related products but also the electronic devices that are currently hot in the market. A total number of visitors to Kohl's stores with this return program is higher than the stores without programs.


Amazon's voice control equipments are also enriched, which you can experience. Many kind clerk will help you for your questions.



By using such a service, the troublesome points of shopping at Amazon are considerably reduced, so please give it a try!



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