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American Apparel-ROW DTLA/Smorgasburg


Downtown Giant Development Project, ROW DTLA

You may be familiar with the sudden appearance of buildings in downtown Alameda St and 7th, east of the Fashion District. This is the head office factory of American Apparel, but not only its size, but also the power of the hieroglyphic graffiti recently drawn by graffiti artist RETNA is overwhelming.

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It was the largest clothing factory in the United States that consistently manufactures domestically, but it is currently closed due to business deterioration. However, it is planned to revive this area as a shopping & restaurant mall, ROW DTLA. Most of it is under construction, but it's great to have just a glimpse of graffiti.

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Smorgasburg LA, Originated in New York's food-centric marketplace, opens every Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm, as one of the efforts to revitalize downtown, on the premises of American Apparel, so let's go there on Sundays. (As of 2018)

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Unfortunately, considering safety, it is difficult to reach by foot or transportation, but if you drive, there are big parking lots available.

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There are shops all over the building, but it seems that there is still space available.
Since it is a huge site, it may be interesting to take a walk while looking for a shop.

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Follow the road to the back square and you will see the venue of Smorgasburg LA!

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There are quite a few tents lined up, and there are many shops that are perfect for lunch! It feels like you're at a huge school festival. 

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There are tables here and there, and there are also benches outside the venue.

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Please enjoy the LA climate with an outdoor lunch surrounded by this huge building.

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Various shops are opening one after another in LOW DTLA, and the development is progressing at a rapid pace as a hot spot around here. It's also relatively close to the Arts District, so why not stop by?
ROW DTLA . 787 Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90021



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