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Kincaid's Fish, Chop & Steak House


Classic restaurant in the best location of Redondo Beach

At the very best of Redondo Beach, Kincaid may be the perfect restaurant to entertain your friends


This restaurant is located at the tip of the pier at Redondo Beach, and boasts spacious audience seats, including the full bar. In addition to classic American seafood, the menu includes a variety of New England clam chowder and steak choices, especially brunch for around $ 20 and light menus that you can easily enjoy.


There is no doubt that this view is the most valuable. It is relatively vacant on weekdays when it is open, so why don't you choose an outside terrace seat with a panoramic view of the pier.


Since it is a waterfront, it has a calm atmosphere because it is far from the surrounding area.


Bread with very delicious olives and herbs comes out first.


The Chophouse Burger in the foreground is also available in four types cheese: Swiss, Brie, Blue, and Cheddar, giving it a full-fledged taste and plenty of volume ($17). The back is Open-Faced Crab Sandwich ($18), a popular menu with a club! The garnish is a rare house-made potato chip.


You can also make a reservation from the site, so be sure to choose a meal at Redondo Beach!

Mon-Thu 11:30AM-9PM

Fri  11:30AM-10PM

Sat  11AM-10PM

Sun  10:30AM-9PM



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