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The Pie Hole


American traditional taste! Popular handmade pie shop

Opened here in the Downtown Arts District in 2011 as a family-owned pie shop, the Pie Hole has partnered with Newport Beach franchise company Francsmart to rapidly expand into LA, OC, North Carolina, and Tokyo. It's an American classic menu pie, but the atmosphere of the cafe creates a new style for some reason.

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Besides pies, there are also cornbread pies, salads and quiches that are perfect for breakfast. American creamy pies are also lined up!

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Of course, you can order pies from 1 slice!

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The interior is modern, but the sturdy wooden table has an atmosphere that fits perfectly with traditional pies. The Arts District store isn't that big, but it has tables outside and a good number of seats.

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Mom ’s Apple Crumble has full of apples and you can enjoy the natural sweetness of handmade products. Fair trade coffee beans are also used for coffee you can feel particular about them.

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There are also T-shirts and other products such as bags on sale that match the atmosphere of the store.

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Please try to taste the traditional desserts that even now decorate the American table whenever there are special occasions!

Mon-Wed  9AM-10PM

Thu, Sun  9AM-11PM

Fri-Sat  9AM-12AM

The Pie Hole 714 Traction Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90013




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