LA Sightseeing

Here are some recommended spots in LA!


Downtown is often skipped by tourists, but it is also one of the best places in LA that changes every time you visit. Let's enjoy both sides of history and newness!

If  you walk around various spots near Pershing Square, the Metro Red Line station where 5th St. and HILLS St. intersect is very convenient, it might be better to use it during the daytime because of safety.

LA Down Town

Recently, there are many rental motorcycle stations in downtown, so it is convenient for short distances.Metro Bike 02

You can rent it with a credit card, but purchase One Day Pass only online.

LA Metro Bike

If you already have a prepaid card "TAP" for using Metro, you can charge it or buy a new card that will be sent to the specified address. If you don't have a helmet, you'll need to buy one.

When sightseeing on foot in downtown, Grand Central Market and the Arts District from Little Tokyo would be the recommended spots for safety, which are relatively crowded during the daytime!


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